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Thats up to you, If you practice your Baseball swing properly while playing whiffle ball you will be improving it not hurting it. Whiffles are used as a close quarters and reaction drill, and when space is limited such as bp before a tournament.

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Q: WIll playing wiffle ball hurt your baseball swing?
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Is a wiffle ball the same size as a baseball?

Almost the same.

How much does a wiffle ball weigh?

The approximate weight of a wiffle ball is 20 grams. The wiffle ball is approximately 7.2 cm in diameter also.

What sports do the Jonas brothers like to play?

Kevin likes pole vaulting, Joe likes wiffle ball, and Nick likes baseball. Kevin likes pole vaulting, Joe likes wiffle ball, and Nick likes baseball.

Why does a lacross a lacrosse ball bounce higher than a wiffle ball?

because it is made of rubber, and a wiffle ball is hollow plastic.

What are the types of baseball?

There r T-ball, little league ball, senior ball, college baseballs, mlbs, softballs, wiffle balls, and weighted ball.

What is a junk ball?

a wiffle ball

Why do wiffle balls have holes in them?

Wiffle balls have holes in them to keep them from going miles and miles away when they are hit by a plastic wiffle ball bat. This can be proven by taping the holes of a wiffle ball closed with athletic tape. The open holes of the wiffle ball create more drag, reducing the balls trajectory.

How far can a person hit a Wiffle ball?

The farthest I have ever hit a wiffle ball is 150 feet or so.

When was the wiffle ball invented?

Wiffle ball was invented in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1953.

Where did wiffle ball originate from?

Wiffle ball is a variation of baseball that is played with a plastic bat (that's usually but not always yellow) and a plastic ball that has various holes in it, usually contained on one side of the ball. The game was created in Fairfield, CT, in 1953. The man that created the game was David N. Mullany.

Is this how you spell wooferball?

The term is usually "Wiffle ball" (originally a trademark) or wiffleball, especially for the type of baseball played with the perforated plastic ball.

In baseball if you swing when it is a ball is it a strike?

Yes it is.

What is a wiffle ball made of and why?

Wiffle balls are made of plastic because they're safe for children to use.

What does swing away in baseball mean?

"swing away" is a baseball term used to tell batters to take a full swing at the ball. Batters about to swing away will not try to bunt or necessarily place the ball in any specific area to move a base runner around, but will try to drive the ball to their best advantage.

What is Nick Jonas favourite sport?

Baseball Its Not BaseBall Nicks Favourite Sport Is Wiffle Ball That's His Sport -Babes101

What is a strikeout in Baseball?

A strikeout is when you either miss the ball or if you swing during a ball.

What is Joes favorite sport basketball or baseball?

Actually, his favorite sport is wiffle ball, which is basically the same as baseball, so between baseball and basketball, baseball is probably the one he favors more.

How many grams does a wiffleball weigh?

A Wiffle ball weighs right around 20 grams. The Wiffle ball was invented by David N. Mullaney in 1953 for his son.

What are the release dates for Wiffle Ball - 2008?

Wiffle Ball - 2008 was released on: USA: 8 May 2008 (Delray Beach Film Festival)

What actors and actresses appeared in Wiffle Ball - 2008?

The cast of Wiffle Ball - 2008 includes: Ryan Convery as Barry Batter Brian Siequist as Casey Catcher

Who invented the wiffle ball?

The wiffle ball was invented by David Mullany, when he tried to make a ball for his son that curved. When his son swung and missed the ball he said that he "whiffed." For more information, click on the link below.

Who invented the Xtra Fielder Backyard Wiffle Ball Game?

The Xtra Fielder Backyard Wiffle Ball Game was invented by Mark Gibson of Califon, New Jersey in 2004.

Does playing fastball with a tennis ball makes you a better hitter in baseball?

Hitting can be broken down into three segments; SEE, REACT, SWING. You watch the ball in the pitcher's hand during the windup and you watch the ball leave the pitcher's hand when it is thrown and you watch the spin of the ball as it comes towards the plate. That is SEE. You determine what the pitch is (fastball, curveball, etc.), you determine where the ball is going to go and you determine whether it is headed towards an area that you think you can get good wood on it. That is REACT. You swing if you like the pitch or don't swing if you don't like the pitch. That is SWING. It doesn't make any difference whether you are playing with a tennis ball or a golf ball or a baseball. The theory and mechanics are the same. So, to answer your question I would say the more you practice the better you will be, regardless of the type of ball you use to practice with.

Which ball will bounce higher a wiffle ball or a basketball?

most likely a basketball

What is Nick Jonas's fav sport?

* His favorite sport is Wiffle Ball and Baseball. Hes VERY competitive he LOVES to win