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Q: WHo became a DNR officer after his retirement from The Steelers?
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How much would a Michigan DNR Officer make a year?

The average annual salary in Michigan for a DNR officer is $52,000. The average annual salary for a DNR officer in Alaska is $37,000.

What does a dnr officer do?

Protects the wildlife

How much would a South Carolina dnr officer make?

"Starting Salary: $ 30,376.00State benefits are provided to each employee of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (See Benefits Brochure). Officers participate in the 25 year Police Officer Retirement System. The Department will provide uniforms and all necessary equipment at no cost to the officer. Additional post employment training is available."SC Dnr's recruiting page.

What kind of firearms does a DNR officer carry?

This varies with the state you are asking about.

How much money does a dnr officer make?

According to US statistics in 2011, a DNR officer in the United States makes anywhere from $44,412 to $57,963 annually. Of course, this salary will vary from state to state.

Can a DNR officer pat down a women with open palm across the nipples?

Because the DNR officer very often works alone or can't get a female officer out for pat downs this can and does happen.It is discouraged but to protect himself when dealing with a suspect it is allowed.If this is for a DNR test refer to the actual policyAdded: DNR Officers, with VERY FEW exceptions are sworn law enforcement officers and under the Supreme Court ruling in Terry v. Ohio, are allowed to take precautions to protect themselves by performing an outer garment pat down (i.e.: "friisk") for weapons.

Does a DNR have to be notarized?

No a DNR does not but you have a family that is sick and had gotten a DNR for the hospitals to see then the will not DNR the family memeber.

Do you have to have college become a dnr officer?

It's possible that some states may require it, but not many. Go to the website for your state and enter the official name of your state's DNR agency into the search box. That should bring up all the nformation you need.

When was DNR - House - created?

DNR - House - was created on 2005-02-01.

What is the purposes of wood?

reliable but limited resource, what is your desk made out of? what what used to construct your roof? Wood has many uses and isnt going anywhere soon. DNR officer Sgt.Sark

Does a dnr officer need a search warent or probal cause to search a person?

They don't need a warrant. But if they have reason to belief that there is inleagle fish/game on/in the property they can enter with out concent

What is the home page of Indiana DNR?

The website Indiana DNR is the website of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The site offers information about the activities of the DNR, events and educational information.