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USC plays in the Rose Bowl every other season when the Trojans play the UCLA Bruins and UCLA is scheduled as the home team.

UCLA uses the Rose Bowl as its home stadium.

USC last played in the Rose Bowl Game on January 1, 2009 when the Trojans defeated Penn State, 38-24.

It is important to note that the "Rose Bowl" is the stadium and the "Rose Bowl Game" is the College Football bowl game played at the Rose Bowl on either January 1 or 2 of each year.

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Q: WHen was the last time USC was in the Rose Bowl?
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When was the last time Penn State University was at a Rose Bowl?

Penn State played on January 1, 2009 in the Rose Bowl vs. USC.

When was the last time usc played Ohio state in the Rose Bowl?

January 1, 1985 - USC 20, Ohio State 17.

When was the last time Michigan State went to the Rose Bowl?

1988 ... the Spartans defeated USC 20-17.

When was the last time Ohio State beat USC?

Prior to the 2008 season, that would be the 1974 Rose Bowl when Ohio State defeated USC 42-21.

When was the last time Michigan football beat usc football?

Michigan defeated USC by a score of 22-14 on January 2, 1989 during the 1989 Rose Bowl Game.

What was the score of the Michigan vs USC Rose Bowl of 2006?

The 2006 Rose Bowl pitted the University of Texas and USC with Texas winning 41-38. USC and Michigan played in the 2004 Rose Bowl with USC winning 28-14.

When was usc's last loss in the Rose Bowl?

The BCS championship game played January 4, 2006 when Texas defeated USC, 41-38.

What two teams played in the 1979 Rose Bowl?

The 1979 Rose Bowl featured USC vs. Michigan. USC beat Michigan 17-10.

Who did USC defeat in the 1996 Rose Bowl?

On January 1, 1996 USC defeated Northwestern 41-32 to win the Rose Bowl.

Who played in the 1996 Rose Bowl?

USC defeated Northwestern, 41-32, in the 1996 Rose Bowl.

Which college football team has the most Rose Bowl wins?

USC has 23 Rose Bowl Championships

How many times did USC go to the Rose Bowl?

As of the start of the 2007 season, USC has made 31 Rose Bowl appearances and won 22 times.

Did usc go to the Rose Bowl in 1987?

The 1987 USC team was in the 1988 Rose Bowl played January 1. They lost to Michigan State, 20-17. The 1987 Rose Bowl pitted Michigan and Arizona State.

Who won the 2004 Rose Bowl?


Who won the 1930 Rose Bowl?


Who won Rose Bowl in 1996?


Who won the 1968 Rose Bowl?

USC beat Indiana 14-3. OJ Simpson scored both USC touchdowns. To date, it was the only appearance by Indiana in the Rose Bowl.

Who played the 2004 Rose Bowl game?

The USC Trojans defeated the Michigan Wolverines in the 2004 Rose Bowl.

Are the LA Coliseum and the Rose Bowl the same?

la coliseum is usc's home field and the rose bowl is ucla's home field

Who has the most Rose Bowl appearances?

USC Trojans!

Who played in the 2006 Rose Bowl?

USC and Texas

Did Ohio State ever play in the Rose Bowl against USC Trojans?

Ohio State and USC have met in the Rose Bowl 7 times, in 1955, 1969, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1980 and 1985 . USC leads 4-3.

Did penn state make it to the Rose Bowl in 2008?

No. USC defeated Illinois, 49-17, in the 2008 Rose Bowl.

Who played in the 1977 Rose Bowl?

The 1977 Rose Bowl was played on January 1 and it was the 63rd Rose Bowl. The USC Trojans and the Michigan Wolverines are the teams that competed and the Trojans won.

Who is playing the Rose Bowl?

This year (09'), it was USC and Penn State. USC won 38-28.