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because the undertaker broke his orbital bone and he also broke his nose too.

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โˆ™ 2010-06-27 18:42:59
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Q: WHY undertaker not participated in fatal 4 way 2010?
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Will The Undertaker fight in the 4 way mach?

No the undertaker is not going 2 b in fatal 4 way

At fatal 4 way who will be WWE and heavyweight champion?


Is the undertaker parelllazed?

No...He was injured during the Fatal Four Way match and will be back...

Who is kill Kane brother Undertaker?

Under Taker Is alive...........Its Because of the 4-way fatal match..That Had no superstar players in it.......So they created controversy that the Undertaker is dead.........

Why did Kane poison undertaker?

he did not it was the burning from the flames from his entrance in fatal four way he is going to return soon :7

What are the ratings and certificates for WWE Fatal 4-Way - 2010 TV?

WWE Fatal 4-Way - 2010 TV is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M USA:TV-PG

Which match did Kane beat the undertaker?

1. Kane vs undertaker no. 1 con. match (1998) at King of the ring with Austin. 2. Kane defeated him in a fatal four way match 1998. 3. Kane vs undertaker at Night of Champions World Championship 2010. 4. Kane vs undertaker at hell in a cell 2010 world champion ship. 5. Kane vs Undertaker at Bragging Rights buried alive match for World Heavyweight championship. Totally five times.

Who won the WWE championship at fatal 4 way in 2010?


Did Rey or Undertaker win at Royal Rumble of 2010?

No he did not win because Undertaker beat him up............IN A VERY BAD WAY(poor Rey)!!!

Who will win fatal 4 way 2010 WWE championship?

John Cena

Is undertaker going to return at fatal 4 way?

No he's not he got injured after the qualifying match, he has a broken nose, concussion and a broken orbital bone

Who won the fatal 4 way 2010 world healvyweight?

it was world champion jack swagger vs. cm punk vs. big show vs. undertaker but undertaker got really really hurt so it was a 10 man battle royal and Rey mysterio won it and Rey mysterio won the world heavyweight championship

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