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Possibly from the amount of fluid you have taken in whilst swimming. The fluid gives more energy, but if you've drank too much at 1 point, then it's most likely to head down to the bladder soon.

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You're likely swallowing more water than you think while swimming, so that's why you have to go.

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Q: WHY do I feel the need to urinate while swimming?
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How can you prevent athlete's foot?

To prevent Athlete's Foot you need to change socks daily or when you feel they are very wet. Also after you are done swimming dry your feet very well and get in between your toes. Also do not urinate on your feet.

When you are wearing a tampon do you feel as though you have to pee a lot?

No, you shouldn't feel like you need to urinate while wearing tampons. Tampons go far enough in the vagina so that there shouldn't be pressure on your urethra or bladder. Chances are if you feel like you need to urinate a lot it's because you're drinking more or maybe have a urinary tract infection.

Why do you think we need to urinate?

I think we need to urinate to get the waste out of our bodies.

Feeling like you need to urinate but can't in children?

If you feel like you need to uninate in children... then peeing isn't your biggest problem right now.

Why can't you urinate while pregnant?

If you can't, you need medical attention right away. Something may be blocked, and not being able to urinate on a regular basis will cause harm to you and the fetus.

Can you be pregnant even though you had your menstruation while you tend to do the restroom about 5 or more times a day?

If you feel the urge to use the restroom more frequently you could have a bladder infection. I assume your question pertains to your need to urinate more frequently.

Do you have to urinate when you need to?

Yes you do

When you experience pre-ejaculate for the first time is it natural to feel like you need to urinate most of the time even when you don't?

Yes it's natural to feel this because you haven't experienced it before and after you are use to it you won't feel like urinating.

Why do you get foot cramps while swimming?

Try to really stretch and do some excersises before getting in the pool to loosen your muscles up. Hope this helps!

I need an exuse to miss swimming in the school because of my period i just got it i love swimming an di never missed it before i got my period i need a exuse to miss swimming?

just tell them you femenime things popped up or say you feel like your gonna puke

Why do you need electrolytes if you are running a marathon?

Electrolyte make you urinate , so when you have to urinate you run to the finish faster.

What is the most healthy sport swimming or runing?

depends on need running for cardio ;heart rate swimming for low impact on joints while building leaner muscles