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Is aunt babe from eastenders married in real life?

No, Annete Badland (Aunt Babe) is not married in real life.

Does Roxy mitchell in eastenders have children?

The character Roxy has a daughter called Amy. Rita Simons who plays Roxy has twin daughters called Jaimee and Maiya.

What is the income of Stacey kemp?

There isn't a character or cast member in EastEnders called Stacey Kemp.

When will Sean Slater be killed off the TV show 'Walford'?

There is no show called Walford. It is called Eastenders and Sean is a very popular character, I doubt he'll be killed off any time soon. I agree The show is called Eastenders! And Sean Slater is a popular character but he is leaving Eastenders and he may be killed off or he may not die!! There is more to it but i don't want to reveal anything!!

Who is your favorite character in eastenders?

My favourite character's are Lucy and jay

Character of Barbara windsor in eastenders?

Barbara Windsor plays Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders.

What was the character babe from the movie the same name?

Babe was a pig.

What kind of animal was the character Babe from the movie Babe?

A pig

Is character Trina from eastenders dead?


How do you star on Eastenders?

You have to audition for a character and get the part.

Who plays Babe in Babe?

Christine Cavanaugh is the actress that voices the character Babe. The name of the pig that plays Babe is unknown.

Haw do i get on to eastenders?

You have to audition for the part of an upcoming character.