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Q: WHO WON The match between Australia and Pakistan on 6 July 2010?
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Who won match between south Africa and Pakistan in t20 2010 world cup?

Pakistan beat South Africa.

Who won match on 20 oct 2010 between INDIA and AUSTRALIA?

India won the match by 5 wickets.

Who won the match of 30 December 2010 between pak and new?

Pakistan won the match. Match was b\w Newzeland and won by..................................................... DONT KNOW WHO WIN! HAHAHAH`

Pakistan will be in which group t20 world cup 2010?

Pakistan will be in A group with Bangladesh and Australia in t20 world cup 2010.

Who win yesterday match between Pakistan and South Africa?

South Africa won the 1st ODI held on October 29, 2010.

How many test matches have been played in Dubai?

One - The Neutral test Match between Pakistan & South Africa on 12/11/2010

Who won the 2010 south Africa world cup?

In the match between South Africa and Australia, South Africa won by 4 wickets.

Where is the first World Cup 2010 match?

The first match in the 2010 world cup is between South Africa and Mexico.

Is fifa 11 on ps2 released in Pakistan?

North America, Europe, and Australia were released on September 30 2010

On which channel Asia cup cricket 2010 will be telecasted?

These are some of channels whom telecast live Asia cup cricket match. Doordarshan (only India's matches), Setanta Sports (Australia), ESPN3 (USA) and CBN (Canada), Geo Super (Pakistan)

Who won the match of Ghana vs Australia at the FIFA World Cup 2010?

They drew 1-1.

Who won the buried alive match between undertaker and Kane October 24 2010?

Kane won the match