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Manchester United have won much more trophies than Chelsea have.

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Who has won more trophies Liverpool Manchester United Chelsea?

Manchester United have won the most :D

Who has won more trophies Manchester United or Chelsea?

Chelsea all the way!!

What professional football player has won the most trophies?

R.Miah - Manchester United - 27 Trophies K.Ali - Chelsea FC - 18 Trophies W.Rooney - Manchester United - 9 Trophies M.Akhtar - Arsenal - 0 and counting..

Who won the highest trophies between Manchester united and Liverpool?

Manchester united

Who has won more trophies in the past 10 years Chelsea or Manchester United?

The wonderful Manchester United have won more trophies (16) than Chelsea (12) in the last 10 years from 2002 to 2012. This includes Community Shields as well.

Who has more trophies Manchester united fc or Chelsea fc?

Manchester United. By a distance.MUFC : 58 Trophies including every major honour and 3 European cups.CFC : 21 Trophies including minor ones and no European cups.

Who won between Manchester united and Chelsea?

Manchester United, 3-0

What are the wins between Manchester United and chelsea fc?

i guess Manchester United

Which English teams has won the most trophies?

Manchester United Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool Manchester City Tottenham Hotspur Aston Villa

Who has more trophies between man utd and Liverpool in 2012?

Manchester united

Barcelona Football Club and Manchester united who has more trophies?

Here Barcelona have won more trophies then Manchester United.

Is Manchester United better than Chelsea?

Manchester United is a better than Chelsea F.C. as Manchester United are ranked 3rd in Europe and Chelsea F.C. are 7th.

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