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Rangers have had fewer managers than Manchester United.

Only thirteen different people have manged Rangers FC;

William Wilton - 1899-1920

Bill Struth - 1920-1954

Scot Symon - 1954-1967

David White - 1967-1969

Willie Waddell - 1969-1972

Jock Wallace - 1972-1978, 1983-1986

John Greig - 1978-1983

Graeme Souness - 1986-1991

Walter Smith - 1991-1998, 2007-2011

Dick Advocaat - 1998-2001

Alex Mcleish - 2001-2006

Paul le Guen - 2006-2007

Ally McCoist - 2011-present

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Q: WHAT football team has had LEAST managers?
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