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white and black are the same you like a sport your good at it and you eventually become good at any sport

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What are black people good for?


Why are black people good at basketball?

This is not necessarily the case. Anyone can play basketball, no matter what colour of skin they are.

What makes Michael Jordan special?

He is a really good Basketball player and he was once black then changed white.

How do you get good at basketball quickly?

Be black

What are the effects of basketball?

Makes u strong, good at basketball and tired

Why do people say that all black people can play basketball?

There are a couple of reasons. The first is that many white people have little exposure to black people through any other means than their televisions, and one of the most common places where they see black people is when they are playing basketball. Therefore it only makes sense to many of them that if most of the black people they see are good at basketball, then most of the black people in general must be good at basketball. The second reason is that, as with any stereotype, there is a kernel of truth to it. Basketball is historically one of the most accessible sports in America for low-income people because there are always basketball courts in parks as a result of how inexpensive and easy to maintain they are. Furthermore, basketballs themselves are very cheap. Also, you can play with really any number of people and it is still a fun game. Therefore, many urban poor, which many black kids are, can and do shoot hoops. Therefore, many of them do get very good, compared to white kids who are often on swim teams, tennis teams, etc. Of course, we all know that is not always true.

What makes a good basketball coach?

Well he (or she) has to be a good leader, but the most important thing is that he/she has to have a huge knowledge of basketball

What is a good intro for a basketball speech?

a good intro for a basketball speech is : this is dedicated to all the people that love basketball

What are good shooting drills for basketball?

practicing. practice makes perfect!

Why are blacks good at basketball?

Why Are White People Good At swimming

What is most impressive about Michael Jordan?

He is a famous black basketball player and he is good but not good now

Can fat people play basketball?

Everyone can play basketball, it's a good exercise.

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