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What insect has 6 legs looks like a spider but jumps like a cricket?

Cave cricket or camel cricket?

What insect looks like an English outdoor game?


What kind of bug looks like a cross between a cricket and a scorpion?

mole cricket

What type of insect has the body of a wasp and a cricket the butt part looks like a wasp it has a big head and the legs look like cricket legs?

The answer is a waspet

What kind of bug looks like a grasshopper and has a grasshopper body with extra legs and is it harmful?

The kind of bug that looks like a grasshopper and a praying mantis combination, is a cricket. In fact crickets are sometimes mistaken for grasshoppers because they look so similar.

What is a small insect that looks like a fly but has no wings. It is black with white stripes. Looks like a cross between a spider and a fly?

The insect that looks like a fly but has no wings and has black with white stripes and looks like a cross between a spider and a fly is namely, Jerusalem cricket.

How does an average bomb looks like?

The important thing to realize is there is no such thing as an average bomb!

What kind of spider is black with cricket legs?

I found one of these in my apartment and a friend told me it was a "spider cricket"... after searching online to no avail I've found it is actually a camel/cave cricket although the wikipedia picture of it looks nothing like what i found.

Can you change what your player looks like in Avalon code?

You can not change what the character looks like. You can change the accessories the character wears.

Is shahid afridi the world's best cricket player?

not even close to people like Tendulkar

Who is the Mascot for the 2003 cricket world cup?

Dazzle was the official Mascot for 2003 world cup.He looks like a horse.

Does young cricket have wings?

No, a young cricket does not emerge from the egg with wings, but yes, they have small wings which begin developing a month after birth. The young stage of the cricket (Gryllidae family) is known as nymphal, in which the juvenile looks like the adult except for the lack of well-developed wings.