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It is a rectangular court measuring 60 ft by 30 ft. A center line divides the court into 2 equal halves, where the net is placed. The attack line is 10 ft from the net.

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Q: Volleyball court its parts and measurement?
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What is the measurement for volleyball court?

Volleyball courts are 900 square feet.

What is the field measurement of volleyball game?

For the court measurement for Volleyball, please visit the links in the "Related Links" section

What parts are on a volleyball court?


What are the parts of the volleyball court?

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What is the measurement of court in volleyball?

The overall measurements for a Volleyball court is 60 feet by 30 feet. Each side of the court is therefore 30 feet by 30 feet in size.

What is a volleyball court?

A volleyball court is a court where you play volleyball.

What are the volleyball court parts?

net,sideline,attack line, and baseline

What is the measurement of volleyball court in ft?

60 ft by 30 ft. each side is 30 by 30

What is the playing court in volleyball?

The court that you play volleyball on

What are the measurements of a volleyball courts?

Volleyball court is divided by net into two parts, every part is 9 x 9 meters.

How many volleyball players can on a volleyball court?

On a normal volleyball court: 6 players beach volleyball: 2 players

What is the area of a volleyball court?

The area of a volleyball court is 1,800 ft.

What is the ceiling height for an indoor volleyball court?

Where is a volleyball match held?

on a volleyball court

Why is beach volleyball played with 2 players and court volleyball played with 6 players?

The beach volleyball "court" is smaller.

How many player in a volleyball team?

there are 6 players on the court at a time in volleyball. And there are only two on the court in beach volleyball.

Measurement of volley ball court?

A standard volleyball court measures 60 feet by 30 feet. This allows each side to be equal at 30 feet by 30 feet.

How many people play on a volleyball court?

on one team 6 people play on a volleyball court but all together 12 people play on a volleyball court

Measurements of volleyball court?

A volleyball court is 60ft by 30ft. Each side is 30ft by 30ft.

What is the backcourt in volleyball?

its the back of the court in volleyball, also where you serve from.

What is mini volleyball?

when only 3 players can be on the volleyball court

What is the area of a volleyball field?

Volleyball square field/court

How is the field for volleyball?

its a court.

How many parts are in a volleyball game?

There are no parts

What is a fact about volleyball?

in volleyball you can actually use your foot , if its going out of the court, to kinda of kick it back into the court.