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Though it isn't the best decision because of lack of accuracy and strength, you are allowed to contact the ball with your head. This generally happens when someone is digging; the hit comes so fast and the digger doesn't have time to react, resulting them getting hit in the face/head. The ball can still be played off their hit. Usually players don't try on purpose to do this.

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Yes, you can play a ball off of your shoe or head, but it can not be intentional, and it probably wouldn't work well anyways... hope i helped! :)

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Q: Volleyball can you use your feet or head?
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What is new in the volleyball games?

Not much has changed in the past years but except the in Middle School volleyball, you can use your feet to pop up the ball if nessesary but you MAY NOT use your head at all.

What body parts are not allowed to be used in volleyball?

arms, head, body and knees....but the players cannot use their feet

What hit should you use when the volleyball is coming towards you above your head in volleyball?


Can you use feet in volleyball?

You may use any part of your body in volleyball, except when your serving. And remember: NO CARRYING!

How does volleyball compare in participation to soccer?

you use your hands in volleyball and in soccer you use ur feet and u play on a cort in volleyball and in soccer u play on a feild

In US high school can you use your feet to attack a volleyball?


Can you give me a description of Sepak Takraw?

Sepaktakraw, or kick volleyball, is a sport native to the Malay-Thai Peninsula. Sepaktakraw differs from the similar sport of volleyball in its use of a rattan ball and only allowing players to use their feet, knee, chest and head to touch the ball. It is a popular sport in Southeast Asia.

Can you contact the ball with your head in volleyball?

yes but it would be easier to use your hands

What is the difference between volleyball and soccer?

in volleyball you use your hands, and in soccer you use your feet, with the exception of the goalie. Also in volleyball, you play on a smaller court, with 6-8 players, in soccer you can have i believe up to 12 or 14 players on the field.

Who is the head volleyball coach at Penn State?

The current men's volleyball head coach at Penn State is Mark Lavlik. The women's volleyball head coach is Russ Rose.

What are the measurement of volleyball?

circumference of volleyball: 65-67 cm. mass: 260-280 grams

What is the area of a volleyball playing field?

The size of the court and additional space around the court