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1,000- 1,800

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Q: Value of the first Oakland Raiders super bowl jacket in 1967?
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Were the Oakland Raiders a team in the 1930s?

No, the Raiders first season was 1960.

When were the Oakland Raiders first introduced?

The Oakland Raiders came into existence in 1960. The Raiders were one of several teams that formed the AFL ( American Football League ).

Why did the Oakland raiders wear white at home games?

the oakland raiders wore white at home for the first time ever this year.

When was the Oakland Raiders first game?

September 1960.

Are Oakland raiders a good team?

The Oakland Raiders are a professional American Football team in Oakland, California founded in 1960. For only the first ten seasons of their team the Raiders then belonged to the American Football League.

Who was the first team to keep the Houston Oilers out of the Super Bowl?

Oakland Raiders

Who did the Oakland Raiders draft in the first round in 2009?

Darrius Heyward-Bey

Who was the first man to be inducted into the Oakland Raiders' Hall of Fame?

Jim Otto

When did the Oakland Raiders win their first game?

The Raiders won their first regular season game on Sept 25th 1960 but their first preseason win was August 7th.

What was the first skirmish of the Civil war?

It was the Oakland raiders being so bad at football

Who was the first wild card team ever to win the Super Bowl?

Oakland raiders

Will the 2009 Oakland Raiders be good?

they will finish 9-7 and lose in the first round