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Q: Value of 64 of 132 kareem Abdul fleer?
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What is the value of a signed Larry Bird 1988 Fleer card 9 of 132?

9.1 million dollars

What is The quotient of a number y and 22 is 6?

Then the value of y is 132 because 132/22 = 6

How solve the equation 8y-2y132?

If you mean 8y-2y = 132 then 6y = 132 and the value of y is 22

How much is a 1990 fleer baseball card set worth?

A raw 1987 Fleer basketball Gem-Mint set (132 cards + 11 stickers) is worth anywhere from $300-$500. PSA, BGS, and SGC graded cards will demand higher value. Since these cards have gone through strict grading and peace of mind for a collector knowing the actual condition of the card. A complete set in the 8.0 will demand between $900-$1500. A 9.0 set, will be slightly higher, $1,900-$2,500. A set in 10.0, will be 18-30K. Sales of previous 1986 Fleer PSA 10 set, have sold between 35-50K. Singles PSA: 8.0 - $5-8 9.0 - $9-14 10.0 - $49-1K (Single digit Pop are difficult to find and demand higher prices by collectors) The 1987 Fleer set is under priced and will appreciate in value since the printing circulation of the 1987 singles were limited than the 1986 and are more difficult to find. The information provided above are based on several auctions sold between 2005-09 for complete 1987 Fleer basketball sets.

What is the value of a 1989 Donruss Kirk Gibson card numder 132?

Less than 15 cents.

What is the LCM OF 12 and 33 and 132?

132, as 12*11=132, 33*4=132, 132*1=132

What is the value of a rock with gas bubbles in it?

129 Xe is reference to 132 Xe, with air as the standard. if the 129 Xe/132 Xe ratio of air is 0.981121, what the desity value of a rock with gas bubbles 129Xe/132Xe of 0.976216 density= (0.976216-0.981121)/(0.981121)(1000) =-4.999

What is the diagonal of 132 x 132?

The diagonal of 132 x 132 is: 186.7

What is the LCM of 12 and 132?

The LCM is 132.

What is 12 times 11?

12 x 11 = 132.

What is a Benjamin target gun mod 132 worth?

The Benjamin 132 was made between 1946-65. It came in .177 and .22 caliber. Please state the condition of the gun to get an estimate of value. Is it still working?

What is the value of a Winchester Model 94AE Washington Centennial 132 of 1000?

The Winchester Model 94AE Washington Centennial, #132 of 1000 is valued at between $1,000 and $1,500. It was part of a long line of a commemorative collection.