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Each team set (Topps, Fleer, Donruss) would be worth about 2 bucks each at most.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-04 05:56:01
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Q: Value of 1988 Cardinal Baseball Team baseball card collection?
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Where can you find the value of your baseball card collection?

Buy a Baseball Beckett and start looking those bad boys up.

What is the value of a1998 pinnacle mint collection baseball coin?

it least $200 or more

What is the value of Andy pettitte pinnacle mint collection baseball card from1994?

It is worth 50 dollars

What is the value of a heroes of baseball gold card collection?

theres Boston red sox world series baseball gold card I have an album that has the cards in a plastic case which is mounted with screws on each page. The spine of the album says Heroes of Baseball Gold Card Collection.

What is the value of Gillette baseball signal book?

there is no value. its baseball.

What is the value of a 1951 Baseball Register?

What is the value of 1951 Baseball register

What is the value of Danbury mint 22k gold baseball card collection?

I'm not sure what it is worth but there is one for sale on EBay for $249.99

What is the value of a Nolan Ryan 1993 farewell tour to baseball collection of first day covers?

Whatever a collector is willing to pay.

What is the value of tops baseball series 1981?

What is the value of tops baseball set 1981

What is a baseball with all 5 St. Louis cardinal hall of famers autographs worth?

I don't know the exact number but there are at least 12 St. Louis Cardinals in the Baseball Hall of Fame. The value of your baseball will rely on which 5 signed it. A multi-signed baseball is valued as a group of signatures and how desired that group mis as a whole. You cannot add up each signature to find a value. If you find similar baseballs on line that have sold at auction you may find a ballpark value.

What is the value for tom glavin's signed baseball card and baseball?


What is the value of topps baseball talk collection set 1?

1989 Topps Baseball Talk Complete Set of 164 cards with the Player and original packing has a book value of $250.00 (Beckett 2008 Almanac) I have seen them sell on eBay for as low as $60.-$85. The bulk of the value relies on the cards in mint condition.

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