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$0. the game is over, son.

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Q: Value of 1953 Rose Bowl ticket?
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How much does a Rose Bowl ticket cost?

The cost of Rose Bowl tickets vary because the seller usually sets the price. The average ticket price of a Rose Bowl Ticket is about $480.

Are rose-bowl tickets available now?

Right now, only Team Specific Tickets are available on the Rose Bowl website. A Team Specific Ticket is sort of a gamble; if your team makes it to the Rose Bowl, then so do you, but if your team loses, then you don't have a ticket anymore.

What was the cost of the first Rose Bowl ticket?

$16 million.

What actors and actresses appeared in 1953 Rose Bowl - 1953?

The cast of 1953 Rose Bowl - 1953 includes: Mel Allen as Himself - Play-by-Play Announcer Rudy Bukich as Himself - USC Trojans Quarterback Ivy Williamson as Himself - Wisconsin Badgers Head Coach

When was the badgers first Rose Bowl?

1953 ... they lost to Southern California 7-0.

How can one find cheap Rose Bowl tickets?

You can find cheap Rose Bowl tickets online at the StubHub website. Alternatively, you can also purchase these tickets cheap from websites such as Ticket Master.

What is the cost for one Rose Bowl Ticket?

$26 million in the US, and $11 million outside the US.

How expensive are Rose Bowl tickets?

Rose Bowl ticket prices vary depending on how quickly after they go on sale you purchase them, to which section you want to be in. The average prices for the 2012 game are anywhere from $209 - $1,500 each.

What is the value of a 1938 official Rose Bowl program?

5 bucks, ill buy it

Did the University of Hawaii play in the Rose Bowl?

As of the 2008 Rose Bowl, the University of Hawaii has never played in a Rose Bowl game.

What do the losers get for playing in the Rose Bowl?

The losers of the Rose Bowl get nothing but :(

Where do they play the Rose Bowl?

Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, CA.

Who played in the 1914 Rose Bowl?

1914 rose bowl football

What is the value of a silver covered sugar bowl with rose engraved and rose on lid?

13 national championships...($100,000,000,000.00...per doctor evil)

Why is the rose bowl the rose bowl?

The "Rose Bowl" is part of the "Tournament of Roses" parade and celebration, which has been going on for over a century in Pasadena, California.

What channel is Rose Bowl on?

The Rose Bowl airs on ESPN at 5pm Eastern

What team won this year's Rose Bowl?

Bears won the Rose Bowl.

Where can a Rose Bowl be found?

The Rose Bowl Stadium can be found in Pasadena, California. A rose colored bowl can be found at Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. A rose colored bowl may also be found on Amazon or other online stores.

What year was the first Rose Bowl played?

The first rose bowl was played in 1902

What time is the Rose Bowl parade in Illinois?

The Rose Bowl Parade is in California, not Illionis

How old is the college football Rose Bowl?

2011 marks the 97th Rose Bowl

How many Rose Bowl appearances does LSU have?

Through the 2010 Rose Bowl, 0.

Which coach won both the Rose Bowl and the Super Bowl?

The only coach to win both the Rose Bowl and the Super Bowl was Dick Vermeil.

Is the Rose Bowl only used for the Rose bowl game?

The Rose Bowl is the home field for UCLA and is the host field for the BCS Championship Game 1/7/10.

What football game comes first Rose Bowl or super bowl?

The Rose Bowl always comes first in a calendar year.