Usc football championships

Updated: 9/28/2023
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USC has claimed 11 national titles and is in 3rd place.

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USC is in the PAC 10

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Q: Usc football championships
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How many league titles has USC won?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, USC has won or co-won 37 Pacific Coast and PAC-10 Conference championships in football.

Who has the most Championships USC or LSU?


How many Pac 10 titles does USC have in football?

Up through 2004, 34 Pac-10 championships (26 outright).

How many national championships does usc have?


What are facts about usc?

They always play in championships in title games.

Which NCAA team won the 2004 national championships?

The game was between USC and Oklahoma with USC dominating 55-19

How many championships have the USC Trojans basketball team won?


Who has won more games between UCLA vs USC football?


What team won the most ncaa national football championships?

Notre Dame is regognized as having 13 National Championships. USC and Alabama are technically tied for second with 11 each however 'bama claims 12.

How many overall NCAA men's championships does USC have?

Not as many as North Carolina

What is the best football college?


What sports do they have in usc?

football dance