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Francis Jeffers at elland road against Australia

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Q: Until walcott against Croatia Who was the last arsenal player to score for England?
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Who was the last player to score a hat trick for England?

Theo Walcott against Croatia.

Who scored the fourth goal for England against Croatia?

Theo Walcott, who completed his hat-trick.

Youngest player to score a hat trick for England at footballin an international match?

theo walcott, against Croatia England 4-1 over Croatia... September 10, 2008

When did theo walcott score against Croatia?

Yes he scored against Croatia, it was a hat trick I think , it was for the euro 2008.

Who is the fastest man in England?

Theo Walcott, who plays for arsenal is one of the fastest men in England

Last arsenal player before walcott to score hatrick for England?

I think David Platt against San Marino when he scored 4 although I dont think he was at Arsenal at the time

Which arsenal megastar scored a hat-trick against blackpool?

It was Theo Walcott.

What number does theo walcott wear?

14 For Arsenal, He Wore 7 For England In 2012

Was Theo Walcott the youngest hat-trick scorer ever for England?

Theo Walcott September 10, 2008, 4-1 vs Croatia. Youngest hattrick scorer for England official.

Who is the youngest to play for England?

Theo Walcott is the youngest player to play at international level for England. He was 17 years and 75 days old when he played in England's victory over Hungary in May 2006. England won 3-1. Theo Walcott is also the youngest player to ever score a hatrick for England, which he did against Croatia in 2008.

Where does theo walcott live?


What number theo walcott wear for arsenal?

Theo Walcott wears jersey number 14, it was worn before by Henry at Arsenal.

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