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Through the 2009 season, UNC leads the all time series 57-35-4.

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Q: Unc vs duke in football what is the all time record between the 2 schools?
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Who was duke university head coach in 1974?

Mike McGee. McGee was head football coach at Duke between 1971-1978 and compiled a 37-47-4 record.

How many wins did Duke football have in 07 season?

Duke's 2007 football record was 1-11. Their lone win was against Northwestern, 20-14, in Evanston on September 15.

When was the last time that Duke beat FSU in college football?

Through the 2011 season, Duke has never beaten Florida State in football. The two schools have met 17 times since 1992 (when Florida State joined the ACC) and Duke has lost each game. The two schools did not play each other prior to Florida State joining the ACC.

When was Duke Blue Devils football created?

Duke Blue Devils football was created in 1895.

What is the all time record between Kentucky and Duke basketball?

according to the duke basketball site ....... Kentucky leads the series 12-8.

How many football wins does Duke Univ have over Univ of North Carolina?

Duke has 36 wins over UNC. The record of the series is 56-36-4 favoring UNC.

What is the all time record for unc vs duke in football?

UNC leads 57 wins to 37 wins for Duke. There were 4 ties, before the overtime format was introduced. Duke has won the last two games in the rivalry.

Is Duke football better than Duke basketball?

No, generally the Duke basketball team is much more successful than their football team.

When was the last time Duke beat GA Tech in football?

November 8, 2003. Duke won 41-17, bringing their season record to a solid 3-7 (1-5 in Conference). Game was held at Duke, before an attendance of 12,976.

What sports does duke university offer?


Did Joe Namath use the Wilson Duke football or the Pete Rozelle Commissioner football?

im pretty sure he used the Wilson duke

What was duke's record in their 1991 national championship season?

Duke was 10-2 in 1991

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