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Q: U n ambassador susan rice in a sorority?
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How do you request people in sorority life?

add them as your friend, join their sorority (they will join yours when u join theirs), then delete them from friends if u don't know them they still remain in your sorority.

Who is the present ambassador to the U N from the US?

Zalmay Khalilzad

Is it rude to wear a sorority apparel if your not in a sorority?

yes, to the sorority itself, they may find u as a poser, or plastic unless you know the members personally. I personally would not do it, just rock out A&E dorm pants and a Cali sweatshirt XD

What is the name of the Nigerian ambassador to America?

Professor U. Joy Ogwu

Who is U SOE NWE?

U SOE NWE is the Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to the Republic of Kenya.

What is better for a baby rice or pasta?

Rice is better for a baby if u give him/her noodles they will choke if u give them rice it is easier for them to eat and swallow.

How we can search to consuler and ambassador?

all u have to do is go to google silly head

What is a boarder house member on sorority life facebook?

It is alike a extra sister that help u in fight and does everything else but send u gifts.

Does Jerry Rice have any illegitimate children?

Yes, Brendan(sp?) Rice wide receiver at U of Colorado

How do you make Rice bran oil?

its Essy just crush rice in grander and u will get rice bran oil

How much rice will a tablespoon of raw rice make?

compact chicken u asian

What is a border in the Sorority Life game?

a boarder is like having a sister it helps u n fights etc. the only thing it can't do is send u gifts!