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There is jazz but to be good you will need technique which you would get from Ballet. Hip Hop is very anti ballet, and tap

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Q: Types of dance that are anti balletic?
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Is modern dance anti-balletic?

No, in fact it has many balletic components.

The different types of jazz dance?

Lyrical/Balletic Fundamental techniques hip hop contemporary

What are the styles of jazz dance?

Lyrical/Balletic Fundamental Technique Hip Hop Contemporary

What dance style is swan song?

Contemporary, some balletic movements and physical contact. Thats what the aqa gcse dance book says.

Define contemporary dance?

Contemporary dance is a sort of cross between modern and ballet- it uses modern steps but is slower than modern andis quite balletic.

What are the types of Chinese dance?

what are some types of Chinese dance

What are the types of dance production?

Some types of dance productions include:JazzHip-HopLyricalContemporaryFunkBallet

What are gymnastic routines which use balletic and tumbling movements?


Dance and ballet?

Ballet is dance. there are loadsa different types of dance.

What are the different styles of jazz?

JazzLyrical/Balletic StyleFundamental TechniquesHip HopContemporary

What are the different jazz styles?

JazzLyrical/Balletic StyleFundamental TechniquesHip HopContemporary

What are the types of Indian dance?

There are 4 different types of Indian dancetribal dancefolk danceclassical dancefilm dance

What is the main types of dance?

any type of dance is famous depending on what you like to dance to.

What are the difference between contemporary and modern dance?

Contemporary is slow music which is sort of balletic. Modern dancing can be any tye of music, and it can be sort of like jazz, but when you do modern exams you have syncopation etc in, where as you wouldn't have that in jazz.

What types of technology can be used to create dance tracks?

what two types of technology you need to create a dance tracks

What are the different types of chemotherapy in the biological approach?

Anti-depressants Anti-Anxiety Anti-psychotic

What are the types or kinds of modern dance?


What is the origin of jazz dance?

ballet as all other types of dance

What types of dance do they have in Honduras?


What types of dance are their in India?


What types of dance do they do in Guatemala?


What are the easiest types of dance to teach?

there's no easy type of dance to teach

What are the two types of Dance sport?

Street dance and salsa also chacha

What types of dances do niueans dance?


What are the types of ballroom dance?

Cha Cha