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I believe that's called a teardrop shot.

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Q: Type of shot where the basketball is thrown over one shoulder?
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A type shot where the ball is thrown over one shoulder?

This is called a hand shot

What does hook shot mean in basketball?

A hook shot is when the ball is thrown to the basket over one shoulder of the player who is handling the ball.

A type of shot where the ball is thrown over one shoulder?

This is called a hand shot

A ball thrown from over your shoulder is called what kind of throw?

Overhand Throw

How is parabola used in basketball?

A thrown basketball follows a path that can be approximated by a parabola. The approximation ignores air resistance and any curve imparted by spin on the ball. Over the distances involved, both are likely to be negligible.

Why do people throw salt over their shoulders when they are cooking?

Salt, which has been spilled (something that happens frequently when people cook) is often thrown over the left shoulder. The belief was that the devil stood over your left (or sinister) shoulder, waiting for or causing your mistakes. The salt was supposed to go into the devil's eyes, blinding him to your errors.

Is it better to play professional basketball overseas or in the US?

Type your answer here... over seas

What is over the shoulder making out?

over the shoulder making out is literally looking back over your shoulder and givng a french kiss to the guy you have in mind.

What is the value of a 1953 nickel no shoulder fold near?

$100.When the first coins of Elizabeth appeared in 1953, it was noticed that her shoulder appeared to be bare. This was do to the fold of cloth on her shoulder being too weakly engraved into the dies to strike up well, and so only traces of it appear. This "bare" shoulder look was considered to be inappropriate, so new dies were prepared with a clearer fold of cloth over her shoulder, along with slight changes to some of the letter forms in the obverse inscription. The no-shoulder-strap (NSS) type is sometimes referred to as the no-shoulder-fold (NSF) type. The shoulder-strap (SS) type is also sometimes referred to as the shoulder-fold (SF) type.

What shoulder do you throw salt over after you spill it?

over your right shoulder with your left hand

What do you do when you throw salt over shoulder?

If you have supersticions, you throw salt over your shoulder to get rid of them

Which type of oral orders by a subordinate leader over his right shoulder reinforce and compliment a commanders order?