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Q: True or false hemochromatosis is also known as iron overload disease?
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What else is hemochromatosis known as?

Hemochromatosis is also known as iron overload, bronze diabetes, hereditary hemochromatosis and familial hemochromatosis.

Is hemochromatosis also known as iron overload disease?

Basically! It's when to much iron is absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract.

Is hemochromatosis also known as iron overload?

Basically! It's when to much iron is absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract.

The genetic disorder in which the intestines absorb too much iron is known as?


Is hemochromatosis known as iron overload disease?

yes it is. it is a condition where excess amounts of elemental iron is stored to other organs in the body. iron is essential for one purpose only, hemoglobin synthesis. excess amounts is excreted in the feces. the body gets overwhelmed when excess amounts gets into the circulation, eg. repeated blood transfusions. deposition to targets organs causes damage and disease... you can check my site for articles in internal medicine

Which pigment cause discoloration in bronze diabetes?

iron. hemochromatosis is a disease state in iron metabolism which causes a condition known as bronze diabete. this is a rare disease in which iron is directly deposited in the tissues(liver, spleen, and pancreas). it is sometimes accompanied by hemosiderosis. bronzed pigmentation of the skin, cirrhosis of liver, pancreatic fibrosis are the manifestations.

Why diabetes cause false positives for marijuana?

Could be one of the medications (like insulin) that they take, or just the disease internally itself. Its possible as kidney disease/infection can cause a false positive for amphetamines.The 1st post under the OP by sublime1-ga has a list of chemicals and things known to give false positives (thc and amphetamines included)

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Effects of too much iron on human health?

The highest dose of iron a person can ingest in one day is 45 milligrams. Early side effects of iron overdose include abdominal pain, vomiting, irritability and lethargy. Iron overdose can then cause an increase in heart rate, a decrease in blood pressure, and coma. Serious side effects eventually include liver failure, seizures, and can lead to death.

Disease known as bleeders disease?


Whats venous fluid overload?

Venous fluid overload, also known as hypervolemia, is that state when a person experiences increased edema and fluid retention due to poor regulation of water and sodium.

Why is it a false poistive why wouldn't it be called a negative?

A "false positive" has a very specific meaning in Science and in Medicine, that is quite unlike a negative. Suppose that you are wanting to test whether someone has a specific disease (or if some material has a specific contaminant). The detection test that you use is almost certainly imperfect. It can fail in two ways. The first is failure to detect the disease if someone has it. The second is that the test might indicate that the person has the disease when they really do not. It is this second sort of failure of the test that is known as a "false positive". It is quite different to a "negative", which would be when the test indicated that the disease was not present, whether correctly or not.