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A walk over

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Q: Triumph due to opponent's failure to compete in or to finish an appointed contest?
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Will derrick rose compete in the 2011 slam dunk contest?

No, he will not compete in the Slam Dunk Contest.

A public contest in which cowboys compete?


Is contest a verb?

Yes, it can be a verb. To contest is to compete or challenge. It can also be a noun for a competition.

Is contest an adjective?

No, it is not. Contest can be a verb (to compete or to challenge) or more commonly a noun (a competition). It can be a noun adjunct in terms such as contest rules.

Why does kobyashi no longer compete in the hot dog eating contest?

He has his own hot dog eating contest.

Why did Raisa Nikitovna tell Esther she could not compete the day of the first declamaiton contest?

Raisa Nikitovna told Esther she couldn't compete in the declamation contest because she forgot her shoes at home.

How do you get VIP tickets to a Jonas brothers concert?

compete in a contest or buy them!

Why didn't lebron James compete in the dunk contest?

he didn't want to

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What is the use of beauty contest?

A beauty contest is a competition in which participants compete to be judged on who a panel believe is the most physically attractive.

How do you win contests?

you have to practice a long time till you improve

What were david Crockett's hobbies?

He liked to hunt, tell stories,and compete in shooting contest