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There were 11 Triple Crown winners and the most famous was Secretariat in 1973. The first Triple Crown winner was Sir Barton in 1919. If you're into horse racing, you should check out a really cool racing game called horseracegame. The reason why I mention this game is because you can actually jockey and fictitiously bet all the Triple Crown winners throughout history. You can even build races combining the Triple Crown horses.

My favorite Triple Crown winner was Secretariat. Gee, that's no secret! But I also think Citation who won the Triple Crown in 1948 was a great horse, also. I tried that video game you were talking about and it's been a blast racing the Triple Crown winners.

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Q: Triple Crown winners how many are there?
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How many Triple Crown winners?

There are eleven, and the last was affirmed in 1978.

How many Detroit Tigers have won the triple crown?

Batting Triple Crown winners: TwoTy Cobb (1909) and Miguel Cabrera (2012)Pitching Triple Crown winners: TwoHal Newhouser (1945) and Justin Verlander (2011)

What the name of the triple crown winner in 2012?

There were no Thoroughbred Triple Crown winners in 2012.

How many of the triple crown winners were mares?

None. Fillies usually do not run quite as fast as colts, although there have been filly winners in some of the Triple Crown races, but none have ever won the crown.

How many baseball triple crown winners didn't win the MVP?


Which Horse was the first Triple Crown winner?

Sir Barton in 1919 11 winners of the Triple Crown so far

How many triple-crown winners are foals of Secretariat?

None. As probably the greatest racehorse of all time, Secretariat produced no Triple Crown winners himself. Some of his offspring did well on the track, but Big Red was more a producer of exceptional fillies that grew up to be broodmares that produced many winners.

Who are some triple crown winners?

Affirmed, Secretariat, War Admiral

Last three triple crown winners?

Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and Affirmed

Which New York Yankees won the triple crown?

The Yankees had two Triple Crown winners. Lou Gehrig in 1934 and Mickey Mantle in 1956.

Did all triple crown winners have the same riders for all three races?


Were all the triple crown winning horses related to secretariat?

No. Secretariat is actually the 9th Triple Crown winner. He won it in 1973. It would be impossible that the other Triple Crown winners, such as Sir Barton, who was the first to win it all the back in 1919, could be related to Secretariat. In fact, Secretariat's successful foals were mostly fillies, and they became great broodmares. Secretariat has no Triple Crown winners in his pedigree.

What are the two triple crown winners since secretariat won in 1973?

Seattle slew and Affirmed

What are the Triple Crown winners from 1949 to 2010?

Secretariat,(1973), Seattle Slew, (1977), Affirmed, (1978).

Which of these famous horses didn't win the Derby Gallant Fox Seabiscuit Seattle Slew Whirlaway?

Seabicuit. He did not race in the Triple Crown events. All the others you named were Triple Crown winners.

How many triple crown winners have there been?

There have been 11 Triple Crown winners: Sir Barton in 1919 Gallant Fox in 1930 Omaha in 1935 War Admiral in 1937 Whirlaway in 1941 Count Fleet in 1943 Assault in 1946 Citation in 1948 Secretariat in 1973 Seattle Slew in 1977 Affirmed in 1978

When Did Ormonde win the Triple Crown?

Not the US Triple Crown. But he did win the UK Triple Crown.

How many Mares have won a triple crown race?

3 Mares have won a triple crown race.

How many times did dale Murphy win triple crown?

Dale Murphy never won the Triple Crown.

What were all Triple Crown winners last 50 years?

Secretariat - 1973 Seattle Slew - 1977 Affirmed - 1978

How many Baltimore Orioles have won the Triple Crown?

Frank Robinson is the only Oriole to have won the Triple Crown (1966).

How many times did Hank Aaron win the Triple Crown?

Hank Aaron never won the Triple Crown Award.

How many MLB players have won the Triple Crown?

Only 16 players have won the MLB Triple Crown

How many jockeys have won the triple crown?


How many Chicago White Sox have won the Triple Crown?

There has never been a White Sox Player that won the Triple Crown.