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There are a couple of different one's there's hurdles, long jump,shot put,running long jump,discus....

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Q: Triathlon events in track n field?
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What sport end with n?

decathlon, triathlon, biathlon

How are the heptathlon 'N' decathlon events similar?

The heptathlon and the decathlon are variations of the same event, combined-events. In outdoor track and field, women do the heptathlon, consisting of seven events, and men do the decathlon, consisting of ten events. Both of the events have events in them that are power and speed related with one that is more endurance related.

Where are the sports played in Ethiopia?

track n field and maybe soccer

How do you Cary a pole volt in your car for track n field?

tie it to the roof

What events did Jesse Owens do durin the Olympics?

it was runnig track and had the long jump n the world

What does NR stand for in track and field results?

nr what does it mean on 100 yards o n a Ranner?

How many medal did us take in track n field at 2012 Olympics?

The USA win 9 Gold 13 Silver and 7 Bronze for 29 Medals in Track and Field

In track n field what does the tern sprinter mean?

The word sprinter usually means a runner who runs mainly in the 100, and 200 meters.

What does DNS mean in track and field?

DNS stands for "Did Not Start", usually referring to an athlete who was missing from the start of a race.

What is the duties of the manager n track and field events?

The duties of a time keeper are to get times of people nicola thiesTimekeepers have the following duties:To record times for track athletes where there is no photo-finish equipment.To record times for track athletes as back-up to the photo-finish equipment.To record and call lap times for races over one lap.To record split times in relays.the duties of a time keeper is that they keep time of the athletics when they race. the answer is in the name, 'timekeeper'

When did A. N. Field die?

A. N. Field died in 1963.

When was A. N. Field born?

A. N. Field was born in 1882.