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The 1994 Cowboys offense was credited with 322 first downs, 160 by passing, 136 by rushing, and 26 by penalty.

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Q: Total first downs by Dallas Cowboys in 1994?
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What is record number of first downs against dallas cowboys?

The New Orleans Saints gained 40 first downs vs the Dallas Cowboys 11/10/2013. The Cowboys lost 49-17.

How many first downs in 1994 did Dallas have?

The Cowboys offense had 322 first downs during the 1994 season.

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The first Dallas Cowboys versus Pittsburgh Steelers game was played in Dallas.

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Which stadium was the site of the first matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Dallas Cowboys first met Pittsburgh Steelers in 1960 and played at the Cotton Bowl, which was the Cowboys home field for 11 seasons (1960-1971). It was also the Dallas Cowboys first game in the NFL.

When were the Dallas Cowboys first a team?


What did the Dallas Cowboys do first in the NFL?

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Why are they called the Dallas cowboys if they have never had a stadium in Dallas?

The Cowboys played their first 12 NFL seasons (1960-1971) at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

In the first 40 years how many owners did the Dallas Cowboys have?

The Dallas Cowboys have had 4 owners in their history so far.

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