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Q: Top ten worst football teams fans in England?
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Who is the worst football fans in Britain?

liverpool fans

Best football fans in the world?

The best football fans in the world is England Football fans.

Who are the best football fans in England?

I think everyone would vote for their own club in answer to this question Nearly all fans of English football are very good fans. Therefore, there are SOME teams who have amazing atmosphere... Everton, liverpool,manchester united.

What football team in England has the most fans?


What is steaua bucharest?

== == Steaua Bucharest is the football team in Romania with the worst fans.

What football team in premiership has the most fans in England?


Which football team has the largest amount of gay supporters?

Unfortunately, information is not collected on the sexual orientation of fans of football teams.

What are Glasgow's main football teams?

Glasgow's two largest football teams are Celtic and Rangers.Matches between these two are refereed to as "Old Firm" games. There is usually a lot of tension between the fans of the teams.

Why do football fans fight?

daaaa they want there team to win and brag in the other teams face

Who is the worst football team in the world?

Svinjski from Cim is the worst team in the world with Nultrasi the worst fans in the world! It could be Aston Villa as well or Notts County!

What football club has the most fans worldwide?

no one knows but international it is England

What days do arena football play on?

Most Arena Football Teams Play on Friday, Saturday, or Sundays to make it easier for fans to attend.

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