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Q: Top speed on a four stroke suzuki 125 dirt bike?
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What was chad reed's first dirt bike?

Suzuki 250 2 stroke

What is the average top speed of a 60cc dirt-bike?

depends 2 stroke of 4 stroke and racing bike or a trail bike

How fast does a suzuki 125 2 stroke dirt bike go?

50mph to 75mph it depends on the condition of bike.

How fast is 125 dirt bike 4 stroke?

suzuki drz125s top out at about 50-60mph

What is pastrana's favorite dirt bike?

He rides a Suzuki RM 250 2-stroke. It's not necessarily his favorite bike, but it is who he is sponsored by.

What is the best 125 four stroke dirt bike out there?

the best 125 4 stroke is the suzuki drz 125 l but if its for a starter bike yamaha ttr 125

What is the top speed of a 90cc 2 stroke dirt bike?

the top speed of a dirt bike can depend on a lot of this like what make it is what kind of terrain your on parts and how much you weigh. But the average of a 90cc 2 stroke dirt bike is about 35-40 mph sometimes faster.

What is a two stroke dirt bike?

It's a dirt bike that uses a 2-stroke engine.

Is a 1986 Suzuki DR100 a 2 stroke engine?

No, the Dr 100 is a 4 stroke. Suzuki did made a 2 stroke dirt bike called the Ds80 with oil injection bottle under the seat.

What is the difference a cr dirt bike and a crf dirt bike?

A cr dirt bike is a two stroke. A crf is a four stroke, hence the f.

What is the top speed of a 150cc dirt bike?

the top speed of a 150cc dirt bike can depend on a lot of things like if its a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke engine what kind of terrain your on and how much you way but the average is about 50-55mph

How fast is a 125cc suzuki dirt bike?

maybe a top speed of 60mph or a little more

Top speed on a four stroke dirt bike?

What size 4 stroke dirt bike would greatly vary your top speed. A 125 4 stroke will top out around 48-50 mph while a Honda XR 650 4 stroke top speed is just a bit over 100 mph.

How fast is a Honda CRF 80 4 stroke dirt bike?

Approximately 45mph to 55mph is the top speed of this bike.

What kind of oil for for 2001 Suzuki jr 80?

standard 2 stroke oil snowmobile or dirt bike oil

Is a 1993 suzuki 50cc dirt bike a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

I could be both a 4 stroke runs on regular gas and a 2 stroke runs on a gas oil mixture.

What is the best 125 dirt bike?

the best 125 dirt bike is the suzuki. The best dirt bike by far is the KX 125.

What manufacturer's dirt bike is Yellow?


How much would a 85cc suzuki 2 stroke dirt bike cost?

Base price for a 2008 RM 85cc was $3099.

What kind of dirt bike does Travis Pastrana ride?

He uses a 2 stroke Suzuki. It's yellow and sometimes has white with pink.

Which is faster a two stroke dirt bike or a four stroke dirt bike?

Two strokes can accelerate faster but it depends on engine size

What kind of oil for 4 stroke dirt bike?

4 stroke

How long does a suzuki dirt bike last?

Suzuki makes a good bike, however this is too vague of a question. This would depend on what model of Suzuki dirt bike, the type of riding you do, maintenance and how hard you ride it.

What dirt bike does travis pastrana ride?

pastrana has a 2007 Rm250 2-stroke to do the freestyling. when it comes to racing he has the new RM-Z 450 suzuki 4-stroke.

What is a 10 Speed Racer?

a 10 speed racer is a dirt bike a 10 speed racer is a dirt bike