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The raptor 350 is slow. My 2008 Ktm85sx beat it. never by a raptor.

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Q: Top speed of a Yamaha raptor 350?
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What is the top speed of a Yamaha Raptor 350?

67 mph !

What is top speed on the Yamaha raptor 90?

i say 30

What is the top speed for Yamaha raptor 50?

Around 65mph.

Top speed for Yamaha raptor 700 with hmf exhaust?


Top speed of a raptor 350?

68 m/p

Top speed for the Yamaha Raptor 700?

with stock gearing 78 mph

Top speed on a Yamaha raptor 50cc?

can i make a raptor 50cc any faster. can you bore cylinder out and get more power out of it

What is the top speed of a Yamaha raptor?

depends what size it is. 250-50mph - 700-86mph

How fast can a 2011 Raptor 125 go?

the 2011 and 2012 yamaha raptor 125 can top out in 5th gear at the exact speed of 54mph on a staight away.

What is top speed on the Yamaha raptor 125?

47to48 mph on paved rood

What is the top speed of a Yamaha 350 wolverine?

From 50 to 55mph

What is the top speed of a Yamaha wolverine 350?

about 45-50mph

What is the top speed of a 06 350 Raptor?

with stock gearing 55-58 mph

How fast does 125 cc four wheeler go?

Yamaha Raptor 125 has a top speed around 45mph.

What is the Yamaha banshee 350 twin top speed?

20 hundred million

What is the top speed of 2001 Yamaha raptor 660?

i have gotten my raptor to about 98 mph i have a 2005 raptor 660r limited it is piped and has been clocked at 101 mph but the bike was still winding out

What is the top speed of a Yamaha warrior 660r ATV?

660 will do 60-70 The Warrior was never made in 660 cc. The raptor was the only 660r that Yamaha made.

Yamaha banshee 350 top speed?

Depending on how it's geared, about 60 - 70 mph

What is the top speed of a 2006 Yamaha banshee 350 twin?

About 75 or 80 mph stock

Stock Yamaha banshee twin 350 top speed?

a 350 twin banshee can go up to 120 with mods it all depends

What is Yamaha Warrior 350's top speed?

The top speed of a stock Yamaha Warrior 350 is around 65 to 70 mph. I own a 1998 Warrior 350 and it will go 68 mph. The top speed has not changed more than 5 mph from the time it was introduced until today... I have a 2000 warrior 350 that has been clocked at 117mph and all it has added on is stage 2 carb jets and K&N air filter.

Which is faster cr125 or Raptor 660?

on top speed, the Raptor

Yamaha banshee 350 twin top speed?

my buddy had his going 160km and let off.. just has reeds.

How fast does the Yamaha raptor 600 go and is is one of the fastest four wheelers?

Did you mean 660 or 700? Either way the Raptor is "one of" the fastest quads, with a top speed around 70mph(660)-73/74mph(700).

What is the Yamaha raptor 700 top speed?

It depends on what year you get because as some may not know, the 2008 Raptor 700's (and I presume the 09' and 10's too) have a governor built in which limits you to speeds under 80mph. So, the speed of these years of Raptor are in the top 70's to 80mph. A modification CAN be done which will make the Raptor do roughly 90mph. From there, you can bore things out and add performance parts. Roughly, modifications will take you up to about 105mph easy.