Top international cricket batsmen

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The top international cricket batsmen is brian Lara because he scored 400 not out against England

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Q: Top international cricket batsmen
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Names of top 5 run scorers in international cricket?


Who are the top 5 Indian batsmen?

The top 5 best batsmen in India according to me are:Sachin TendulkarSaurav GangulyVirendar SehwagRahul DravidMS Dhoni

Does Kenya play cricket?

AnswerYes, it does. Kenya is an Associate Member of the International Cricket Council. Indeed, it is currently ranked among the top six Associate teams in the World Cricket League, giving it One Day International and Twenty20 International status.

Who is the top and best bats man in world of cricket?

Some of the best batsmen in the history of the sport are:Brian LaraSachin TendulkarDonn BradmanAlan BorderDesmond HaynesGordon GreenidgeVivian RichardsIan BothamJaved Miandadetc

Who are the top 11 test cricket batsmen in positions 1 to 11?

Here goes my pickSir Donald BradmanSachin TendulkarBrian LaraGordon GreenidgeSunil GavaskarSteve WaughRicky PontingAlan BorderIan BothamGraham GoochSaurav Ganguly

Who is the best bowler in cricket?

According to the ICC official rankings it is Dale Steyn from South Africa. See ralated links below for the list of top ten batsmen and bowlers.the best bowler in the world is so murali

Who is the first Bangladeshi player to top one of the International Cricket Council's player rankings?

Shakib Ul Hasan

Who is the first Bangladeshi player to top one of the international cricket councils player rankings?

Shakib Al Hassan

Who is the top batsman in India?

According to official ICC( International Cricket Council) ratings, it's Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Who is the top score in one day international cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar scored 200 not out against South Africa in February 2010

Name the top three international cricket teams who have scored 300 plus runs most of the times in ODI?

India australia srilanka

All the cricket teams captain?

The current captains of the top international cricket teams are:India - MS DhoniAustralia - Ricky PontingSouth Africa - Graeme SmithNew Zealand - Daniel VettoriSri Lanka - Mahela Jayawardane