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1) Larry Fitzgerald 2) Devin hester 3) Randy Moss 4) Santana Moss 5) DeAngelo Hall

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Q: Top five fastest people in the NFL?
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Matthew Stafford is considered to be the top "arm" in the NFL currently.

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it really depends on what you think..... the top people i know that are currently the fastest in the nfl are Devin hester, randy moss, Reggie bush, and Michael bennet,.... This is based on their 40 yard dash times

Who ran fastest Top 10 100 yard dash NFL?

darrell green

Who are the top 10 fastest NFL players for the 2010 - 2011 season?

mike Wallace

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i can't name the top 10 fastest players but right now it's devin Hester he's so fast bo Jackson is the fastest of all time also chris Johnson

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