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Rooney scored 6 goals in a game before

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Q: Top 10 most goals scored in a career?
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Who has scored the most goals in the English premier league?

Most career league goals: 434, Arthur RowleyMost career top-flight goals: 357, Jimmy Greaves

How many career goals has romario scored?

many says that he scored 1000 goals but I heard that he got the record of top goal scoring of the world I mean he pass PELE who scored 1280 goals...

Who scored the most goals in the 2002 World Cup of soccer?

Brazil's Ronaldo top scored with 8 goals.

Who scored the most goals in Top Flight football?

== == Pel� has scored the most goals in professional top flight football. He ended his career with a total of 1281 goals in 1363 matches, becoming the highest goalscorer in professional football ever. Incorrect - Many people would say that, but Artur Friedenreich, a former Brazilian international from way before Pele's time, scored around 1365 goals in top flight football.

Who scored the most goals in one game in a top fleight game in UK?

Alan Shearer has scored the most (260) premier league goals.

Who is the all time top scorer in football soccer?

Pele, he scored over 1000 goals in his career

Who has scored the most goals in English top division?

It is Alan Shearer.

Who has scored most goals in the fa cup?

Ian Rush of livepool has scored the most goals in Fa Cup. 39 goals. ludin ian rush is the second top scorer in the fa cup. the top scorer is harry cursham who scored 49 goals in the 1870s and 1880s for notts county.

Who scored most goals in 2006 world cup?

Miroslav Klose was the top scorer, with five goals.

Which English football club has scored the most goals in the top flight in its history?

Everton - as of 21 Apr 2008, they have scored 6423 goals in the top flight of English football. Second are Aston Villa with 6269 goals

What player has scored the most goals in top flight English football?

Jimmy greaves

Which player has scored the most goals against Liverpool fc?

In the Premiership years, Andy Cole has scored 11 against Liverpool to be the top opposition player in modern times. The single highest scorer is Liverpool captain Emelyn Hughes, with a career 26 own goals.

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