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Mac Cardona has long been the most highly paid player in the Philippine Basketball Association.

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Q: Top 10 highest paid player in pba?
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Who are the top ten PBA Player had a highest salary paid in 2010?

ahcmed harrison junior

Highest paid pba player?

carlo relucano

Who is the highest paid pba player?

kenneth duremdes

Who is then highest paid player in pba?

james yap

Who is the highest paid pba player as of 2009?

dudut jaworski!

Top 20 pba players highest paid?

james yap

Who is the highest paid player in Philippine basketball association?

Mac Cardona has long been the highest paid basketball player in the PBA.

Who is the highest paid PBA basketball player?

Renemar Lugo of Red Bull Barako Team PBA Salary: P550,000 / month

Who is the highest paid PBA basketball player 2013?

James Yap was the highest paid player that year, with 80 million pesos in his three-year contract.

What is the salary of the highest paid PBA player?

Mac Cardona is the one of the highest-paid players who disclose their salaries. Cardona pulls in about $355,000 a month.

Who is the lowest paid player in the PBA?


Who is the highest paid player in the PBA today?

pete webber and Parker bohn III are about tied for pay

Who was the highest paying job player in pba?


Who is the smallest salary paid PBA player?


Who is the highest paid bowler?

it all depends on how the person does in tournaments, obviously the highest paid bowlers are gonna be on the pba tour, it depends on the amount of tournaments won/ placed high in, and their sponsorships

What is the highest bowling average in the PBA?


Top 10 highest salary in pba?

There are many highly paid bowlers in the PBA, though the sport is not particularly lucrative compared to sports like football or baseball.The top 10 earners in the PBA appear below.Jason Belmonte - $144,300Chris Barnes - $77,957Bill O'Neill - $69,150Dom Burnett - $67,784Mika Koivuniemi - $62,989Osku Palermaa - $62,349Sean Rash - $62,230Chris Loschetter - $57,504E.J. Tackett - $46,000Tommy Jones - $44,800.Only 40 people have earned more than $1,000,000 in their bowling career in the entire history of the PBA.

Who is the oldest pba player?

the oldest active PBA player is Olsen Racela. He is 38 years and 2 months old.

Who is the highest paid in Philippine basketball association?

alvin patrimonioLast April 2009 po,I think Mac Cardona among the locals.I checked it in the PBA website.

Who is the tallest pba player?

wesley Wilson

Shortest PBA player?

ricardo cepeda

Who are Former PBA Player then became an NBA player?

As of now there are now PBA players who played in the NBA but there were former NBA players who played in the PBA. Tony Harris played in the PBA, setting scoring records, then joined the NBA (Boston) for two seasons.

What year had alex cabagnot draft in pba?

Filipino basketball player Alex Cabagnot was drafted into the PBA in 2005.

What is the average Salary for PBA?

Top PBA athletes earn a salary of around 250,000 dollars. Professional PBA players only make about one fourth of that or around 62,500 dollars.

Who is the youngest pba player today?

Danny Ildefonso