Tom Brady's family

Updated: 10/21/2022
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His parents are Tom Brady Senior and Galynn Brady and his sisters are Maureen Brady, Julie Brady, and Nancy Brady

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Sus padres son Tom Brady Senior y Galynn Brady y sus hermanas son Maureen Brady, Julie Brady y Nancy Brady.

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His wife is famous brazilin model, Gisele Bundchen

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Q: Tom Brady's family
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Who is Tom Bradys family?

His dad (Tom Sr) his mom (Galynn) and three sisters (Maureen, Nancy, and Julie)

Who is Tom Bradys cousins?


What is Tom Bradys MySpace?

He doesn't have one

What is tom bradys degree?

Organizational studies

Who is Tom Bradys idol?

Joe Montana!

What is Tom Bradys postseason QB rating?


How old is Tom Bradys children?

2 and 5

Who is tom bradys backup for 2014?

JImmy Garoppolo

What are some of tom bradys charities?

Tom Brady does 1 charity, which is Best Buddies

Where does tom bradys wife work at?

Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, is a model

What is Tom Bradys highest passing season?

5,235 in the 2011

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