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hebei province

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Q: To what region does Beijing belong to?
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What continent does beijing belong to?

Beijing is in Asia.

What region does the Georgia colony belong to?

what region does Georgia belong to?

When was Beijing tower built?

the beijing tower was built in 1272 during the region of kulbi khan

Which region does the taal volcano belong to?

at what region did taal volcano belong

What is Beijing vegetation region?

bamboo obviously

What Region Of China Has A High Popultion?


What region does the The Great Wall border?


Is Beijing in the northeast region?

No.It is in china

What region of china has the most population?

I think beijing.

What region do coyote belong in?

belong in mammal family

Which region does Davao City belong?

Davao Region - region X1

Which country does beimun belong to?

Beimun is a model UN conference held in Beijing , CHINA

What region is Beijing in?

China is surrounded by the region of Hebei Province. Knowledge Source: I used to live there

To what region does baguio belong?


To what region does Brooklyn belong to?

Brooklyn is part of the Coppardo region

What region in the Philippines does Tarlac belong?

Tarlac is in region III.

What region in Asia does japan belong?

The West part of the region

Which region does the nations capital belong?

the nations capital belongs in the northeast region

What region in China is Beijing?

China is surrounded by the region of Hebei Province. Knowledge Source: I used to live there

Where is Beijing china located?

The city of Beijing, China is located in the northern region of the country. This city is the capitol and one of the most populated cities within China.

Which region does ms deca belong to?


What region is the achumawi Indian tribe in?

they belong to the mountain region and centrall valley region in California

What region does Switzerland belong to?

Switzerland is located in the Central European region.

What region does Brooklyn in New York belong to?

what region is brooklyn ny

Which region of the U.S does Washington D.C. belong in?

The Mid-Atlantic Region. On some maps, it is in the Northeast Region.