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Q: To shoot or hit or throw in a particular direction 3 letter?
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Did the Gestapo throw babies up in the air and shoot?

Yes, they did throw babies up in the air and shoot them with machine guns like a target.

How did wilt shoot free throw?


Do you make free throws on your own or does yoour team help?

In a game of basketball, you shoot a free throw if you get fouled. Therefor you shoot the ball on your own. But anyone can get fouled and shoot a free throw! Hope this helps(:

What do you need to shoot a free throw?

You must be fouled.

Can you shoot a free throw from anywhere on the line?

yes you can

When are you allowed to shoot a free throw?

after you get fouled when you are shooting you get two but if you shoot a three pointer you get three shots if you made your original you get one less free throw shot.

What direction can you throw the farthest?


What is the homonym for 'shoot'?

"Chute" is a homonym of "shoot." Please throw your dirty clothes down the laundry chute.

What was Archery called in Ancient Egypt?

The words meaning "to shoot an arrow" are written with hieroglyphs that spell: wdi (to throw, shoot an arrow, utter a cry) sti (to shoot, throw, thrust) kfa (to shoot arrows at a target) The i and a are not vowels but they represent consonant sounds that do not exist in English.

How far can porcupines throw there quills?

they dont shoot there quils

How do you shoot a basketball from long distance?

Well, You have to have a great throw.

How do you throw links bomb up in smash bros 64?

First hold the down direction and press B to get out a bomb then hold the up direction and press A and link will throw the bomb upward. To throw it further up flick the direction (like if your using a smash attack) to make him throw it further.