Tips for winger in Rugby Union?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Wingers must be fast, as they are often used as 'finishers'. This means that the space created by the forwards and centres on the pitch should allow for the ball to be passed to a winger so that s/he can score a try. As such they must also be agile, and able to perform good evasive maneuvres, such as a side step, to avoid the opposition.

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supportive defense for the full back

joins mid Field to make up an extra centre

because of their speed is the key play to receive a pass or chase a kick ahead for scoring opportunities

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They are on the end of the back line. Their basic job is to just get the ball from the outside center and run down the field. They must, of course, play defense as well.

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a prick

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Q: Tips for winger in Rugby Union?
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