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Generally the time limit for throwing a Frisbee is 10 seconds. The person guarding the thrower must count out loud up to 10. When 10 is reached, the defending team gains possession.

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Q: Time limit for throwing a Frisbee during Ultimate?
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What is the highest score that Ultimate frisbee should go to?

Official rules day first one to score 13, unless you have a cap (time limit) on the game.

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Who must touch the frisbee before you can score?

There is no limit on who has to touch the disc before you can score, as long as your teammate catches it in the zone you score.

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How long is an ultimate frisbee game last?

The standard Outdoor time limit is 10 seconds.Depending on this type of game this may change. For example, indoor rules state that the disc may only be held for 8 seconds.

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How many steps are you allowed after you catch the frisbee in ultimate frisbee?

The given limit is 3 steps, in a straight line. But if you are moving at considerable speed then it's acceptable that more may be needed, a sporting agreement! However, if you move in an arc or turn as you come to a stop, this is considered traveling and can be called as a foul. In the newest version of the rules there is no established step number, it is a self call but a travel will be called if you go an unreasonable amount of steps, I believe the rules state something like as many steps need to slow to a stop