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upto 10th

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Q: Till how much sachin tendulkar studied?
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How much money does Sachin Tendulkar have?


How much older anjali tendulkar from sachin tendulkar?

Anjali Tendulkar is around 6 years older than Sachin. They both married in 1995 and have 2 children.

Sachin Tendulkar No 1 Batsman?

There are players who are much more talented than Sachin Tendulkar, but they've not been has consistent as him...So,I consider Sachin, the little master as the No 1 Batsmen......

How much money does Sachin Tendulkar make a year?


How much is sacchin tendulker worth?

sachin tendulkar is a icon player.

How much sachin tendulkar signed for fiat ad?

ferrari car

How much sachin tendulkar average in his 1st 80 ODI matches?


How much runs did sachin tendulkar scored in his first match?

1 run

How much is sachin tendulkar's cricket bat worth?

As Sachin Tendulkar is a famous cricketer and has scored the most centuries 41 of them, then the bat will be worth a lot in the market.

How much did Sachin Tendulkar score in the 2003 World Cup in the encounter against Pakistan?


How much runs did Sachin Tendulkar score in his second first-class match?

Sachin Tendulkar's second Test match, for Bombay against Saurashtra, saw him score 58 runs in the first innings of the match, and 89 runs in the second.

How much did Sachin Tendulkar pay for his shell house?

He paid approx Rs 40 crore for the house!!