Tiger Woods average drive

Updated: 10/20/2022
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For his 68 measured drives in 36 rounds of Golf on the 2009 PGA Tour his average driving distance is 294.7 yards. As of 1st August 2009.

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Q: Tiger Woods average drive
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What is Tiger Woods longest drive?

420 yards

What kind of vehicle does tiger woods drive?


What is Tiger Woods average drive?

He Averaged 315 yards in the PGA But if accuracy wasn't a concern he would hit 350-375

What car does Tiger Woods drive?

2008 Buick Enclave

Who hit the longest drive?

Tiger woods 476 yards

What is the longest drive by Tiger Woods?

His longest drive in a PGA Tour event is 425 yards.

How far can Tiger Woods drive?

Tiger woods used to have a good hit his Nike driver he used to hit about 350 yards but now he only hits about 280 maybe not even that

How fast does Tiger Woods drive a golf ball?

His ball speed on a drive at the Buick Open 2009 was 174 mph.

How far can Tiger Woods hit the ball?

On the 2009 PGA Tour Tiger Woods' average driving distance is 295.7 yards. (As of 6th August 2009) What is interesting about the average drive distance stats for PGA Tour players is they only measure drives on about 3 holes per round. Tiger Woods drove a 340 yard par 4 at the 2009 Buick Open, thay wasn't on a measured hole so it didn't count, so the statistics are accurate but can't reflect the truest picture.

What are rules and regulations for driving a golf cart in South Carolina?

Don't drive like Tiger Woods and you will be fine.

What golfer has the fastest club head speed?

Tiger Woods at approximately 125 MPH. Tiger Woods may be the fastest on the PGA tour, but he is not in the same league as Long Drive Professionals. Long Drivers swing speed ranges between 140-155, with much, much higher ball speeds.

What car did maxwell smart drive?

Sunbeam Tiger