Throwing football with a glove

Updated: 10/24/2022
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It is for sure possible to do so, it is just not effective for everyone. There have been multiple successful quarterbacks in NFL history that have worn gloves on their throwing hand, Kurt Warner is one for example. It can effect ones ability as far as accuracy and spiral are concerned because of the grip on the ball. On the other hand it can be very efficient for someone who doesn't have very big hands because it will help you move around in the backfield with the ball in your hand without worrying about fumbling.

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Q: Throwing football with a glove
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Are there disadvantages to throwing a football with receiver gloves?

AnswerMany quarterbacks feel that it hinders their accuracy and few are willing to change their normal routine to experiment with the gloves. Personally I don't throw with them on just because I like to be able to feel the ball when I throw.Most quarterbacks in any age level is more comfortable throwing with no glove on their throwing hand. however if you where a glove, then you will have more grip on the ball. it depends on the comfort zone of the quarterback- Zac Lee #5 NEBRASKA

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