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he must shoot through the rings of twelve (12) axes in a row

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Q: Through how many axes must Odysseus fire his arrow?
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In Penelope's archery contest through how many axes must Odysseus fire his arrow through?


How many axes must Odysseus fire his arrow?

he must shoot through the rings of twelve (12) axes in a row

In Penelope's archery contest through how many axes must Odysseus fire his arrow?


What does Penelope tell the suitors they must do in order to marry her?

She told them to string Odysseus' bow and fire an arrow through twelve axe handles. This was a trick Odysseus used to do.

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What was Penelope's challenge to the suitors?

Penelope held a contest for the suitors: Whoever could string Odysseus' bow and fire an arrow through twelve axe handles would be able to marry her. This is a trick Odysseus did when he was younger. Only one who can accomplish the feat would be considered man enough to marry her. None of the suitors could do it except for Odysseus, who was still disguised as a beggar.

What are the bad points of a fire arrow?

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What was Odysseus plan for the bow?

I'm not sure what you mean his 'plan for the bow' but in The Odyssey the bow was used to challenge mens strength, first having a man attach the string to the wooden part of the bow and then use it to fire an arrow through the handle of axes (guessing that the axes handles had holes in it for hanging them up). Nearing the end of the story he and his son Telemachus use the bow in their plot to destroy the suitors who are using his food and home as their own and trying to marry his wife. The plot begins with the bow being brought out for the suitors, with Penelope (his wife) declaring she will marry anyone who can string and shoot it properly. The suitors all try and fail and as Odysseus is disguised as an old man they convince him to try, expecting him to fail also. He does it to their amazement and then shoots another arrow at one of the worst suitors Antinous. Odysseus and Telemachus (with help) murder all the suitors and housemaids after this and end up reclaiming their home.

How did Odysseus win back his wife Penelope?

Odysseus won back his wife by:Passing the test of strength and skill by stringing his bow and shooting the arrow cleanly through 12 axe handles.Killing the suitors and the disloyal staff.Convincing Penelope that he was indeed her husband, Odysseus.Penelope set forth a test, a test that no man could win except Odysseus. She brought out his old bow, bow string, arrows, torches and oil. She then placed rings that were attached to poles in the floor She said "If anyone can String this bow and fire an arrow through the rings i shall marry him," or something along those lines. So every man tried and every man failed. Then an old picked up the bow and string he used the torches and the oil on the bow to string it. He then nocked an arrow and fired. Every one kept telling the old man to give up, that it is useless. But when they saw that he had strung the bow, they then saw him fire the arrow through all the rings that were placed. The men turned back to face the old man, but to their demise they saw Odysseus standing before them.

How does Odysseus get to the underworld?

Odysseus gets to Hades by traveling in the lake of fire and sacrificing a goat.

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