Three under par

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A Three Under Par is either an Albatross or a Hole In One.

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For a single hole this is known as an Albatross.

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Q: Three under par
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Related questions

What is a three under par?

An Albatross or a Hole in One.

What is the name for a three under par score called on a par 4?

It is called a double eagle or a hole in one.

What is under par?

1 shot is hole in one 1 shot under par is birdie 2 shots under par is eagle 3 shots under par is albatross Over par is boogie.

What is a double eagle in golf?

3 under par on a given hole. Also known as an albatross.

What is three under par?

Three under par on one hole of golf is an albatross or a double eagle.

What do you call three under par in a single golf hole?

Albatross or double eagle.

How do you say one under par in German?

one under par = eins unter par

How many under par is a birdie?

A score of one under par

What is one less par?

one under par is called a "birdy" 2 under par is called "eagle"

How many under par is an eagle?

Eagle = Two-under-par (-2). Eagles most commonly occur on par-fives, when golfers with enough strength can drive to the green in two strokes rather than the expected three, and then hole out with just a single putt. Less commonly, a player will hole his or her approach shot (either the second shot on a par-four or the third shot on a par-five) to achieve an eagle. Naturally enough, a hole-in-one on a par-three hole also results in an eagle.

In golf the term for three shots under par is named after which sea-bird?

it isn't a sea bird, it is a double eagle (-3) , par (even), birdie (-1), eagle (-2). To make a double eagle a hole in one on a par 4 or a 2 on a par 5.

What is the name for Four under par in golf?

4 under par is known as a "Condor".