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This is called a triplicate. If you are a youth bowler, there is a patch you get. I am not sure about the women's leagues, but in men you don't get anything.

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Q: Three identical bowling games in the same series?
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What is a triplicate in ten pin bowling?

A triplicate occurs when you bowl a three game series and the scores of all three games are identical.

What is a bowling series?

total pinfall of three games of bowling (max: 900)

What is a series in bowling?

It is the total pinfall of three games of bowling The maximum you can get is 900 (300 each game)

What is a bowling round called?

There is no solid definition for a round of bowling. There is a game of bowling. Three games is referred to as a series. In league bowling, usually that nights "round" of bowling consists of three games per bowler or one series.

Why does 3 games make a bowling series?

Any number of games makes a series. 3-game series, 10-game series, etc

List three games they played in Elizabethan?

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How much does Llandudno bowling cost?

Bowling in Llandudno, UK costs about $8 per game. Two games cost about $14 and three games about $18. Some drinks are provided.

Will's bowling average after 5 games was 120 In the next 3 games he scored 118.124142 What was Will's bowling average after 8 games?

The question is invalid as you can't bowl a 118.124142 average for 3 games or 118.124142 for a 3 game series average.

Where can you find the 1992 sanction abc bowling scores?

The sanctioned ABC 300 games or 800 series scores bowled can be found at the USBC International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in Arlington, TX.

How many games are there in the Atelier Iris video game series?

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What so Lamar's bowling scores are 124150 and 161 during league competition. if Lamar's previous bowling average was 129 then how much higher was average for these three games?

16 points higher.

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