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McManaman, Gerrard and Carragher

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Q: Three Liverpool born players who have won the premier league?
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Three Liverpool born players to have won the premier league?

Wayne Rooney, Mike Newell and (I'm sure I read this somewhere) Francis Jeffers.

How many players have played in the bundesliga and the premier league?

There are three German players to play in the E.P.L. they are Ballack , ziege and Huth.

How many times has Manchester United beaten Liverpool in the league?

In the premier league era, Liverpool have won 10 games and Manchester United have won 18, with exactly halve of those victories coming at Anfield. United's 4-1 home defeat to Liverpool in the 2008/09 season was their heaviest ever in the Premier League and their biggest loss in 17 years. Only Liverpool and Arsenal have beaten United home and away in three separate Premier League seasons.

What players have won the premier league champions league and la liga?

They are three that come to my mind, Theirry Henry, david beckham and Claude Makalelee.

Three youngest players to score in premier football league?

I think it is James Vaughan, James Milner and Wayne Rooney.

Who scored the fastest premier league hatrick?

It was scored by Robbie Fowler , for Liverpool verses Arsenal, all the three goals came in 4,38 seconds.

How many premier league clubs has joe cole plyed for?

Midfielder Joe Cole has played for three different English Premier League clubs: West Ham, Chelsea, and Liverpool, respectively. However, during his time at Liverpool, he spent a year on loan at Lille (not in the EPL), and he is currently in his second spell at West Ham.

Which three Liverpool players have gone from Liverpool to barcelona?

Noone, but some Liverpool players has gone to Real Madrid, like Xabier 'Xabi' Alonso

How many premier league clubs has Michael Owen played for?

Michael Owen has played for three clubs in the E.P.L. They are Liverpool, Newcatle United and Manchester United.

How many German players currently play in the Premier League?

There are currently three German players that play in the Premier League. They are ;Per Mertesacker - Arsenal F.C.Robert Huth - Stoke City F.C.Gerhard Tremmel - Swansea City F.C.This list is correct as of February 21st, 2012.

How many premier league teams has Michael Owen played for?

Michael Owen has played for three teams in the e.P.L. They are Liverpool, Newcastle united and now Manchester United.

Name three players to play in champions league for three british clubs?

Cristiano Ronaldo for MANCHESTER UNITED Steven Gerrard for LIVERPOOL William Gallas for Arsenald

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