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No you spelled your name wrong. FAIL

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โˆ™ 2010-10-11 20:03:37
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Q: This is LeBron James typing this question. Do you believe this is really me?
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I am Lebron James. I just typed in this question. Do you believe this is Lebron James typing in a question on huh?

No because labron James would never go on wikianswers he would just train for basketball games

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Not at all... Why would we? You are a spammer.

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i don't really no how try typing your question different

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often not. how do you roll on the floor laughing while typing? you cant. question answered.

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I believe that's the typing speed, with corrections (deductions) for errors.

How do i believe?

it isn't true type period then your answer, while u type the answer to the question it will be typing Peter please asnwer the question instead of your answer then u type ur answer and voila!

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Believe it or not it was me...I was typing his name in and came across this question, I'm his girlfriend still. :)

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a question can mean the same as another question and if you want to know the question you asked, try typing in who invented math, that's how i got my answer but it is really really long just to let you know. OK OK have fun researching!!!

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