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shoot a free throw, if they make that they win a sucker. then shoot a three, if they make that they win a pop. shoot a half court shot, and if they make it give them a free Pizza or a gift certificate or something like that

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Q: Things fans can do at basketball halftime games?
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Name some songs that fans dance to in the stands at basketball games?

We Will rock you This is how we do it

In basketball what's the time of first half?

12:00, all quarters are 12:00. The first half means both, 1st and 2nd quarter, after the 2nd it's halftime the players take around a 20 minute break and go back stage. While there will be a halftime show to entertain the fans. The 3rd and 4th quarters are called the second half.

What song is played before college basketball games where the fans jump up and down?

"Jump Around" by House of Pain

Why is basketball more popular then volleyball?

Well basketball has more possibilities it can end with different things like a jump shot, dunk, lay-up etc. There are more moves in basketball as well than volleyball. Also basketball has more fans nad there is half-time shows and many more things you can get like prizes etc.

Which sport has more fans baseball are basketball?

Probably Basketball.

Are you a Kentucky basketball fan?

University of Kentucky athletic fans are referred to as 'Big Blue Nation' and since UK is a basketball school (meaning the men's basketball team is what most UK fans follow and are die-hard about), there are a lot of Kentucky fans out there.

What sport has more fans hockey or basketball?

Basketball has about 1 billion fans worldwide, hockey has somewhere between 50-100 million.

Why people like basket ball?

People like basketball is a matter of opinion. Some people are big fans of basketball, while others are not fans.

Which sport has more fans pro football pro basketball or pro baseball?

Pro Football has a bigger following because it has a shorter season, 16 games compared to 82. So, the games mean much more in the NFL, keeping the fans interested the entire season, from start to finish

Who are stakeholders in basketball?

The fans of the team

How many fans does USC basketball have?

This question is too difficult to answer because the fans of USC basketball cannot be calculated or totaled. However, the team does indeed have a steady amount of committed and long-time fans over the years.

Who are the most engaged sports fans?

Baseball fans In Major League Baseball (MLB), each team plays a total number of 162 games in the regular season. With more games season ticket holders and die-hard fans will be able to engage in more games over the season. Unlike sports like football and basketball, baseball tickets are usually cheaper for a each game in respect to the kind of game (i.e. world series) or kind of seats. This doesn't mean that baseball fans are "better" than other fans in different sports, but fans are definitely more engaged.

Is Kentucky a good basketball school?

Its a GREAT basketball school & has a GREAT Mens basketball program. They have so many people to show up to their mens games its unbelievable. Their fans are fun and its very fun to chant the whole entire game to get the players fired up too win!

How many basketball fans are there in the world?

a lot

What would be the cytoplasm for a basketball team?

The fans

What is the percentage of basketball fans in Canada?


How many fans were in the first basketball game?

Its said that there were about 190 people at the 1st basketball game which was a high school basketball game.

How many basketball fans are there worldwide?

About one million people is addicted to basketball,and I'am one of them maybe...

How Has basketball gotten more popular?

in the NBA it got popular by the trades in which hype up basketball fans

How does basketball affect our lives?

The wnba and the nba fans or not.

Most fans in college basketball?

university of Kentucky

How long does halftime last at a high school football game?

The length of halftime has to be at least 12 minutes for High School but no longer than 20 minutes by regulation. This fluctuation in time closer to the 20 minute side is often see around certain games. Specifically, Homecoming where the home team will take the full 20 minutes allowed by the NCAA and it is not uncommon to run a bit over. I have only heard of one objection which the home time received a game penalty for the next year. Sometimes, halftime band shows of the really impressive high rated ones have shows that are 7-8 minutes long. Typically, halftime shows are requested to be no more than 6 minutes. The smaller or horrible bands or poor quality bands have shows of 4-5 minutes as they want to limit their embarrassment. The proper answer by NCAA rules is anything between 12 and 20 minutes. The length of halftime is dictated by halftime show of bands or other events like Homecoming king queen, Hall of Fame induction and so forth. I should also point out that Halftime can be extended beyond 20 minutes and up to 30 minutes should both football teams agree for that length. This is very rare but certain rivalry games where you have 50k to 70k fans attending the game makes logistics hard for halftime when normally games are generally much less than that. The extra 10 minutes is for fans and give bands an easier time to navigate through heavy packed stadium as High school stadiums across much of the USA were built 70-90 years ago and did not plan for spectators over 15-20k max

Do basketball players like the fans?

some do, some don't

What would happen if basketball was not invented?

Basketball players would not exist. None of their fans would either. That is what would happen.

What is the name of the song that fans sing in college basketball?

shake your booty