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Boris Becker

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Q: The youngest tennis player ever to play at Wimbledon?
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How old was Tracy Austin when she became the youngest tennis player ever at Wimbledon?

She was 16 years old, when played first time for the Wimbledon in 1979.

Who was the youngest tennis player to ever win the US Open Tennis Tournament?

Pete Sampras.

Which English tennis-player was the last to reach the finals of Wimbledon?

brendan bird the best ever player

Who was the youngest ever winner of a title at Wimbledon?

Boris Becker.

When were the first ever Wimbledon tennis championships played?


Who became the first tennis player to win five consecutive Wimbleton titles in 1980?

Björn Borg became the first tennis player to win five consecutive Wimbledon titles in the 1980 Wimbledon Men's Singles final after he defeated John McEnroe in a five-set match, often cited as the best Wimbledon final ever played.

Who is the youngest professional tennis player ever?

Maria Sharapova. She became professional on April 19, 2001 (her 14th birthday)

Who was the youngest person to ever be seeded at Wimbledon?

Jennifer Capriati was the youngestperson to ever be seededat Wimbledon. In 1990 she was seeded12th, at just 14 years and 92 days old.

Is it true martina navratolova had to borrow a tennis dress on her debut at Wimbledon?

no, nobody named martina navratOlova ever played at Wimbledon.

Who is the youngest men's singles champion at Wimbledon ever?

Boris Becker in 1985 By Ponnappa Pasura

Who is the youngest ever Wimbledon men's singles champion?

Boris Becker in 1985 By Ponnappa Pasura

Who was the youngest ever women to enter the pro circuit in tennis?

Kathy Rinaldi is the youngest ever woman to enter the pro circuit in tennis. She was just 14 years old when she began playing on the Women's Tennis Association circuit.

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